No more emails!
Wish you had less email? Wouldn't it be great if all the discussions happened within the specific session's notes?

Now you can.

No Templates!
Without an easy  way to create and manage templates, you are spending a lot of time preparing for each new client and each session.

Scattered notes.
Are your session notes scattered into multiple places in many systems that do not work together well if at all?

No way to track.

How do you track the assigned homework and progress a client is making? How do you view progress against the agreed goals?

packed with

Features you'll love

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Easy to use

Beautiful professional design that is also easy to use. Login to access all your clients in one place. Safe and secure. We've taken every effort to apply the best security to ensure all your content is only visible to you.

Simple process

No more searching for emails, documents, or coaching related resources. You just set up your clients, assign them the relevant coaching template, customize it as needed and you're all set.

Additional Programs templates

Build your own programs and use them as many times as you want with as many clients as you want. Your subscription allows you to decide. And if you want more, we have 100's more program templates in the works. We'll even give you free ones to tailor for yourself.

Maintain focus on the goals

Keep your client and your coaching focused on the outcome. Each program allows you to manage the program objectives - the goals and outcomes they want to realize during the program. Track progress by assigning homework to each of these objectives and track their progress according to completed tasks.Retain clients longer and gain more referrals.

Goals and resources

Keeping clients accountable means you need to be organized and disciplined. MyBICoach allows you to access your resource files quickly from any program, and assign homework specific to achieving the agreed goals. Email them and track their progress directly from within the system. Accept or reject completion status.Integration as easy as 1-2-3.

Coming soon...

We are constantly working on new features and functionality to make this your one-stop coaching and business app.Consider using the app for your 1:1 coaching, group coaching, meetings, proposal management, and much more. Any time when there are others involved and agreed activity to be completed and notes to be diarized MyBICoach can handle it better than any other generic system.

With the integration to your own cloud drives (OneDrive, Google drive, iCloud drive, Dropbox, etc.) when you update a file in one place the changes are reflected in all locations where that file is used. No need to search and replace every instance.

  • Firm or Agency account for multiple users.
  • External cloud drives integration
  • calendar and scheduling integration
  • Integrated 1 : 1 and grup Chat

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